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Vision & Mission
Vision: “A vibrant national economy, leading to continuous improvement in the country’s Human Development Index”.
Mission: “To provide wider appreciation of the key role of free markets and competition in economic development”.

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Markets and Governments

The Board Members

Dr Ernest M. Beele
Deputy Vice- Chancellor, Mulungushi University (formerly of the Copperbelt University). Lawyer and University Administrator
Sharad Nayee "Vice Chairman"
Mr Murray Sanderson "Exec. Secretary"
Zambian since 1968. Former Chairman and for many years Vice Chairman of ZACCI. Hon. Life Member Kitwe Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Interests: economics, governance, business, languages

Mrs Chearyp Mkandawire-Sokoni"Hon Treasurer"

a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK) and the Zambian Institute of Charterd Accountants and has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Edinburgh Business School. She is currently heading an Internal Audit function at the Copperbelt University

Mawila Fututu
Mr Royd Katongo
Occupation: Programmes Manager/Head- ecretariat  African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC) Zambia
Profession:     Governance and Anti-Corruption
Education:        Master - Governance and Public Policy, University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus, Brisbane.
Bachelor of Arts, University of Zambia
Mr Wilphred Katoto
Graduated from the Unversity of Zambia in 1981 with a degree in Metallurgy. Joined the Concentrator in Chibuluma, Kalulushi under the then Roan Consolidated Mines, RCM. Worked in various metallurgical  plants under ZCCM limited which was formed in 1982 following the merger of Roan Consolidated mines(RCM)  and Nchanga Consolidated Copper mines(NCCM). In 1992 was transferred to Technical Services Kalulushi and headed the industry metallurgical research unit called Metallurgical Investigations Department, MID, for five years. In 1997 was called to the ZCCM limited head office in Lusaka and  worked for three years  in the office of the chairman of the GRZ/ZCCM Privatisation Negotiating Team. Upon completion of the ZCCM Limited privatisation programme in 2000, joined the Technical Department formed under the transformed company,ZCCM Investments Holdings Plc and based in Kitwe ,where I am still currently employed.
Mr Charles Lungu
Mr. Charles Lungu is the University Librarian at the Copperbelt University in Zambia. He holds an M.L.S degree from Loughborough University. Mr. Lungu was one of the inaugural members of ZIPPA and has remained one of its Board members to date. He previously worked for the University of Zambia, and briefly at the National university of Lesotho in pursuit of his library career. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (UK). He has published a number of papers in professional library journals, and has presented papers at several professional library conferences. Since joining ZIPPA he was privileged to present a paper on the dangers of corruption to a students’ audience at Copperbelt University. He is a strong believer in issues of a free market economy and has participated in several ZIPPA activities since its formation

Ms Mary Kakumbi


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